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Mariel Bognot

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Location: Philippines
Professional Status: Looking for employment
Looking For: Employment
Occupation: nurse
1980 EUGENIO St. Green Meadows Phase II Mabiga, Mabalacat, Pampanga
PRC Registration No.: 0462245
ANSAP Card No.: 09-006306

To be able to work in an institution that offers highest quality patient care and will provide a great deal in developing my skills and furthering my knowledge.


Tertiary Holy Angel University
Sto. Rosario St. Angeles City
June 2003 – March 2007

Rafael Lazatin Memorial Medical Center
(Ospital Ning Angeles)
ER Nurse
Receives patients’, make a quick assessment, institutes initial emergency care a needed, and notify the duty physician at the ER.
Enters identifying and other pertinent data in the logbook and reminds duty physician to complete clinical data.
Prepares equipment, instruments, supplies needed in the care of ER patients.
Carries out nursing chores as ordered by physicians such as venoclysis, administration of medication, oxygen inhalation, nebulization, suctioning secretion, placing of indwelling catheters, insertion of nasogastric tube, etc.
Operates the various ER equipment like ECG, defibrillator, pulse oximeter, etc.
Assist physician in the repair of lacerations, orthopedic manipulations, and other procedures.
Sutures minor and non-facial laceration as ordered and supervised by physicians.
Monitor vital signs, does or supervised the giving of tepid sponge bath.
Draw blood and other specimen and for laboratory examination when the medical technologist on duty cannot respond to ER calls on time.
Assist the duty physician in filling up request forms and giving instructions to patients or their relatives.
Assist the nursing supervisor in assessing and prioritizing care of patient’s whether they are emergency cases or non emergency cases.
Assist the ER midwife when they need help.
Assist the ambulance nurse in the preparations needed in the conduction of ER patients.
Supervise s the ER nursing attendant in the performance of his task.
Accomplishes the pertinent data in the admission-discharge form.
Endorsed admitted patients to the corresponding nursing service after duly carrying out ER Doctor’s Order and writing down the nurse’s remarks.
Notifies the nurse supervisor of the needed ER medicines and supplies, repair instrument and equipment, and reportable incidences.
Accompanies seriously ill or injured patient’s to and from the ER.
Coordinates with and resources to incoming duty personnel
Does other task assigned from time to time.
Instruct patients on taking his medications, dosage, frequency and precaution to observe.
Giving special care instructions, activities that are allowed and restricted, nutrition, date and time of return visits to the hospital.

Community Medical Service
Clinic Nurse
2007 – 2008
Make follow up calls and referrals for patient
Maintained clientele records
Takes x-ray, ECG’s, and other diagnostic test for patient
Placed orders to restock medicines and handled receiving products
Promptly and accurately oversaw the carrying of doctor’s order concerning medicines and treatment ( giving medicines, administering injections, nebulization, changes dressings)
Maintaining a safe sanitary and healthful environment for the patient and for the care of equipment used provided in the clinic.
Assisted in physical examination and minor surgeries
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