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About: Marketing analysis is a means of evaluating an organisation and its environment. It is the first step of planning and guides marketing focus on identified key issues. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified and assessed.

Writing a marketing analysis essay involves a flow that will sustain interest, demonstrate clarity and render it effective:

Setting Goals – After making the analysis and identifying key issues, you can turn them into your objectives. Logically, this is the next thing to do. Making your objectives based on the key issues produced from the analysis is the fastest, easiest and surest way.
Making Recommendations – Use the opportunities identified in the analysis in making recommendations for market strategy in your marketing analysis essay. To do this, rank the opportunities based on profitability and sustainability. Then sift it further based on corresponding threats.
About: Analysis Portion – The marketing analysis essay starts with the marketing analysis which should be subjective, realistic and specific. This analysis differentiates your organisation’s present condition and its prospects in the future. Analysis comes from the word analogy; thus, you should have a basis of comparison for which you will analyse your organisation against. This comparison is your competition, the whole market itself, one or some organisations above you in the competition or no other than the market leader. Your analysis should be short and simple; do not over analyse and avoid being complex.
About: Specific Analysis – To be specific, the analysis should be definite in describing customers, customer perception of products and services, pricing, sales location and product and service sales. Market analysis should be done on a specific market segment and not the whole organisation if the organisation caters to many market segments. Each segment is given a separate analysis; and those analyses are subject to separate marketing essays.
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